v0.1 – the azure frame, page 4
September 12th, 2010

v0.1 – the azure frame, page 4

About screentones

Let me devote this post to an essay about today’s story, and how I enjoy misogynistic Marty Stu’s whom challenge the grain of society. Actually, I lied. Let’s not.

I’m not particularly good at screentones, but I seem to be the only one (I shared this with a couple of friends before uploading) who doesn’t like the screentones I did. Feel free to correct me on this.

Either way I might drop screentones entirely or outsource another person to do them for me.

Yes, I am writing, penciling, inking, lettering and screentoning the entire thing on my own.

First Comic

First page is up. Some commentary:

  • Read from right to left, like all weeaboo garbage. If you don’t like it, too bad. It’s my comic, hurr durr.
  • Just kidding. If people really don’t like it, I may change it so that it’s read from left to right from the next comic onward.
  • ComicPress seems to want me to make a comic strip instead of properly sorting it by chapters and pages the way I want to. Thus, the page uses a dated format instead of an actual chapter/page format like how Dr. McNinja handles images. It’ll have to do for now, but I’d like to have it sorted by chapters.
  • On that note, my update schedule will be sporadic. I don’t know if I want to do a regular update schedule, that will depend on if I find that it’s worth the effort.
  • It’s very painted even for grayscale. This page (and the two-pager) may look like this, but the rest will be pure black and white, with probably some screentones here and there.
  • There will be a splash two-pager. Yes, I know that this is frowned upon, but don’t worry–the next page I upload will most likely be a story page, it just means I’m going to quietly insert the two-pager between this page and the next one.
  • The site overall is still under construction. Eventually I’ll probably add some extra graphics for the nav bar, extra content, probably when the comic has a bit more ground.
  • For the record, this is not my blog. That would be the regular Noeltan blog, which you will find right over here.