Over Nine Thousand

“Honestly I never intended any of my videos to produce memes. They’re just movies that were made to be funny. I guess a successful meme is just something that’s funny.” -Kajet, 2008 Japanator.com interview

This particular meme, first posted in 2006, is derived from the original Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z. Kajetokun’s videos are remarkable because, while they are simply mindless humour, they have attracted a large following. A large number of users on the internet have seen this video by now, in addition to Kajetokun’s other videos, which parody other infamous quotes from various animes and cartoons. This includes a parody of Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch, Gutsman’s Ass, and some other, equally silly things. As a meme, however, the Over 9000 video is notable because it has been viewed over five million times, and possibly still counting. It’s also quite a phenomenon. Many people on the internet can recall the quote, be it fondly or negatively. It has attracted the attention of the likes of DBZ fans, imageboards such as 4chan, and so forth.

It’s interesting how only thirty seconds worth of anime can create such a widespread phenomenon, just as how a single animation frame can. Kajetokun has inadvertently created a work of art with just a few seconds of animation he found amusing. The art, however, isn’t embedded within the Over 9000 footage itself–it is the social reaction to the footage. I wonder if this social reaction, and its subsequent acceptance of an internet oddity as a cultural norm, is worth exploring and deconstructing.

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