Dedicated Server

For some reason, my spraypaint never worked offline in GMod in particular. It worked in TF2 though, and for some reason it works online. Odd.

If this post is up, that means that the GMod dedicated server is up and running, finally. It will probably run for a while and close up some time during the summer or if the John Freeman statue completes early, whichever comes first.

To connect, add the following server to your favorites:

Alternatively, just open up the console (tilde key) while running GMod, and type:


NOTE: Requires PHX3 and Wiremod. They will NOT provided automatically by the server, because they require an SVN client to properly install.

Wiremod and how to use SVN
PHX3 (Do not download directly, run an SVN checkout in your garrysmod/addons/phx3/ directory

Follow the instructions on the first link for both Wiremod and PHX3.

P.S. Let me add a few extra screens showing what the server currently looks like:

As you can see, I have a working MOTD for anyone who stumbles in without having read this blog, which will probably be 90% of the time.

The stick figure.

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